PS Portx31 With a 31” detection area, the PS Portx31 features the biggest detection surface on the market. In fact, with its larger inspection zone, the PS Portx31 will enable EOD operators to assess the level of risk of most suspect packages in just one single X-Ray shoot, which means the user’s exposure to danger will be dramatically reduced. Developed both for and by EOD operators, this detector has been specifically designed to be the most ergonomic and user-friendly digital panel on the market. PS Portx31 Using the Dual Energy Module allows easy differentiates between organic and inorganic materials. Recognition of Front and Back Positions of Objects Using 3D Imaging Function



Plxel size:400μm

Dynamic range(Grey levels):16bit(65536)

Active area:460mm*650mm

Maximum penetration:30mm of steel

Battery type:Li-ion

Image acquisition time:5s

Other functions: Dual Energy ;3D

X-ray machine:

Waveform: constant potential

Max KV:120KV(160kv optional)